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doctor jesus i think i am broken. how do i fix me? what is able to be fixed? will you tether my tired ailing limbs? will you kiss me and pull the shades down as i read from bukowski and obscure french literature? I want to hotbox the bathroom and fuck in the shower. Let me kiss your feet and tell you how they haven't stopped running through my mind


The first thing to do is make sure you are broken. Is your heart aching? Are your lips still chapped? Do your fingernails ache to submerge into the flesh of someone you can’t have? Are you still breathing? If you said yes, then congratulations, you’re still human and we are all broken. If you want to feel a little less alone, you can join my buffalo crew. I am wandering off the cliff tonight at dusk, you can tag along if you wish.

It’s not about being fixed, it’s about finding a state where your woes can fall like petals without someone telling you to keep it together. Find someone who likes dying plants and allow yourself to be a bouquet bound and hung upside down. In my bedroom I will tell you how beautiful you are until you lose everything. Stand stark naked and exposed on my cold concrete floor, you can read me whatever you desire, I’ll trace your torso with fingertips, lipstick, tired teeth, and breath. We can play god, fill the bathroom with smoke, pray for rain while standing in the scalding shower, and fall asleep intertwined like roots of an oak tree.

I will sacrifice myself for your ailments. You need someone to dirty with your broken hands? I’m here to take the beating of the elements for you. I will be your shelter until I collapse too.